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The Study Centre at Sahyadri offers you a unique opportunity of going into a retreat for self-exploration and enquiry into the 'Teachings' of Krishnamurti. Situated on a beautiful hilltop overlooking the Bhima River, it offers a serene and quiet atmosphere conducive to the deep study. Some of the highlights of facilities and life at Sahyadri are:

* A large collection of Krishnamurti's and other books.
* Audio / Video tapes of Krishnamurti with the viewing facility.
* Discussions and study with similarly interested persons.
* Study material according to your problems of interest.
* If so desired, a personalised programme of study.
* Long nature walks.
* Clean and pollution-free environment.
* Healthy, nourishing food and comfortable living conditions.
* Books and audiotapes of Krishnamurti for sale.

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