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Workshop/Retreat in July 2018, at Study Centre

The Krishnamurti Study Center, Sahyadri is pleased to announce a retreat/workshop for all adults, especially parents, educators and teachers for exploring questions of learning in the whole of life and education, based on Teachings of Shri Jiddu Krishnamurti.
Details are given below:

  • Theme : Living without Fear and Comparison: A Study in Learning

  • "Fear is what prevents the flowering of the mind, the flowering of goodness. Most of us learn through fear. Fear is the essence of authority and obedience; parents and governments demand obedience...
    Most people think that learning is encouraged through comparison, whereas the contrary is the fact. Comparison brings about frustration and merely encourages envy, which is called competition. Like other forms of persuasion, comparison prevents learning and breeds fear...
    Fear is essentially involved in competition. Whether it is competition in a class or competition in life. To be afraid of being nobody, of not arriving, of not succeeding, is at the root of competition. But when there is fear, you cease to learn...
    You learn most when you have no fear, when you are not threatened by authority, when you are not competing with your neighbour..."
    (from 'Krishnamurti on Education', Chapter 6 and 'Life Ahead' Part 1, Chapter 2).
    "The right kind of education, while encouraging the learning of a technique, should accomplish something which is of far greater importance: it should help experience the integrated process of life."
    (from Page 11/12, Education and the Significance of Life by Shri J Krishnamurti).

  • Material and format:
The material used for the retreat/workshop will be entirely based on the teachings of Shri Jiddu Krishnamurti. The format includes screening of selected videos of talks / dialogues of Krishnamurti, and discussions relevant and related to the theme of the workshop. The agenda for the retreat/workshop will be distributed a few days prior to the workshop, to all the registered participants.

We expect the number of participants to be close to 10 adults. The programme will consist of video viewing of Krishnamurti's talks, dialogues with facilitators (Vellarkad Viswanadhan and Suresh Manjani) and guests; group discussions of study material which will be distributed along with the agenda; and Nature walks.

  • Online registration:
If you are interested in registering for the workshop, please fill up the form accessible via the link given below. Please describe in a few sentences, your exposure to and interest in the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti (in the Comments section provided). It will be useful if you also please add a few comments on the theme, based on your observations and experience.

  • Dates of the workshop :
July 1st to 5th, 2018.

  • Arrival :
Afternoon/Evening of July 1st, 2018 (Sunday)

  • Departure :
After breakfast on July 5th, 2018 (Thursday)

  • Accommodation, Food & Transport :
Rooms will be allotted on a twin sharing basis. Special requests will be considered depending on needs, when intimated in advance, and efforts will be made to accommodate such requests. Some charges may be involved in such cases.

  • Expenses:
The participation fee for Indian citizens is INR 3000/- per person (for foreigners and Indians living abroad, the fee is $100 or equivalent), including shared local transport, food and room charges. If special local travel arrangements have to be made, there will be additional charges.

Payment for the programme should be made by direct credit to the account given below:

BRANCH : Chakan
A/c No. : 07461110000038
IFSC Code : HDFC 0000746

Email for correspondence :

In-charge for workshops :

For more details, please click here to contact.

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